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About Pink Army

We are an open source drug company working to create personalized cancer therapeutics.


We are completely transparent from design to delivery – a new paradigm for biotechnology companies.


We are using state of the art computer-aided design tools and automated manufacturing processes.


Our medicines are weak viruses that give cancer cells the flu yet leave normal cells untouched.


We can automatically design and manufacture customized therapeutic agents in just a few days.

Pink Army was founded in 2009 with a simple goal: to make safe and effective cancer medicines available as fast as possible at the lowest price possible. We are accomplishing this mission by working with world-leading genetic experts to create computer-designed synthetic oncolytic viruses specific for individual cancers. This novel approach can produce laboratory-tested medicines in just a few days at very low cost while potentially avoiding the slow and expensive phased clinical trials required to bring a mass-market drug to market. The cooperative business structure ensures that the research and development done can be openly shared with the scientific, medical, and patient communities.

Pink Army is supported by people that seek to change the way new cancer medicines are made. Each purchases a refundable membership share of the cooperative. About 600 members were subscribed in the first member drive, which ended in early 2011. Since then, steady progress has been made in the technologies essential to generate synthetic viruses quickly and reliably. In 2014, we hope to take the work to a new level of performance and begin cell culture studies and explore a canine clinical trial.

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Cancer is an infection, not with a microbe, but with our own corrupted cells.

When we can produce drugs that selectively kill cancer cells the way penicillin kills bacteria, cancer will no longer be a life-threatening disease.

Open source drug development is revolutionary.

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For more information, please contact Andrew Hessel at ahessel (at) gmail.com